Como Presentar Testimonio

El testimonio debe presentarse en ingles, y deben firmarlo 3 testigos. Aqui debajo estan las instrucciones de Mark Grenon.

Need Urgent Help For The Case Against Us!

 Our defense David Straight will be submitting more evidence to a high court in Washington D.C. that has the ability to cancel or dismiss the unlawful case against us and the Genesis II Church! We have been held for months now without bail in Colombia, South America and Miami. Will you help? This will only take you at most 30 minutes and you can help us get released and back with our families.
      We are asking all of you that have had success with treating yourself or anyone else or both with acidified MMS (sodium chlorite), also known as chlorine dioxide to write a short affidavit with three witnesses and send it to David Straight at: The three witnesses are only testifying that you wrote the affidavit and not of what you wrote in the affidavit. With three witnesses you don’t need a Notary. Each witness needs to be over 18 years of age. They can be in your family or friends. Here is one the affidavits I am sending to David Straight of my personal experience. Please follow this format when adding your personal testimony or that of someone you helped.

The Affidavit:
      I Mark Scott Grenon, being of sound mind and body under penalty of perjury state the following to be true. I treated myself with acidified MMS (sodium chlorite), also known as chlorine dioxide for a MRSA infection I had in my body. After 4 weeks, the MRSA infection was completely gone from my body. It has been 14 years now and I haven’t had another MRSA infection since that time. If I ever become reinfected I will use the same treatment. The only side effect I experienced was a little diarrhea which when I reduced the dose it went away.
Mark Scott Grenon




    •    Note: If you have multiple testimonies make them separate so we can submit more. We’d like to have 100’s! All have to be in English so if you speak Spanish please translate it into English. David tells me the affidavits can be handwritten but they need to be legible. Whether handwritten or in a Word document they need to be printed, then signed by yourself and the three witnesses then scanned and sent to our Defense David Straight at: Thanks for your help! Please pray this court dismisses our case so we can go free!

    •    Please send this witnessed affidavit to: by the 4th of January.
Also, if you can help with David’s travel expenses to Washington, D.C. please send a donation to his PayPal:
May the Lord bless you for your help and may He get the glory in all!

Mark S. Grenon